Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On The Go with Don Colley (and his PITT Artists Pens)

Today I came across this awesome video featuring artist Don Colley titled, "On The Go With PITT Artist Pens." Of course, the video is a promotional work, but I was really inspired by it--it's sort of a day in the life of an urban sketcher at work.
Don is an incredible artist. I had the good fortune to meet and talk with Don for a while at the Learning & Product Expo in Chicago in 2008, where he showed me his incredible sketches and let me browse through his sketchbooks; he uses large antique ledger books as sketchbooks, complete with pre-printed page numbers and grid lines. Examples of his sketchbooks appears in the photo below and throughout the video. I bought a set of PITT gray-scale brush markers/pens as a result of my interaction with him; some examples of sketches I've created with these pens appear in one of my previous blog posts.

Colley's work in a Faber-Castell catalog

A listing of other videos featuring Mr. Colley (and other artists) using various Faber-Castell products can be found on Faber-Castell's website.