About Steve

When I was in 5th grade, I bought a used Jon Gnagy Art Set from my cousin at a yard sale under the condition that she would show me how to use all the stuff in it, which included pastels, charcoal, sketching pencils, blending stumps, etc. She agreed. As she began to describe the kneaded eraser to me, she cautioned me that, "...this won't work unless you knead it." I was confused; I didn't understand. Sensing my misunderstanding, she reworded her explanation. "You have to knead it before it will work." I was really confused now; my fifth-grade brain was full of questions: "If I need it, why wouldn't it work? How does the eraser know when you need it?"

I’ve learned a few things since 5th grade, and I sincerely hope that reading my blog will inform, inspire, and motivate you in your own art adventures.  Especially as it pertains to drawing, sketching, and watercolor painting.

I make art because I love the feel of creating, the simultaneous excitement and calm it bestows, and because I am being true to this curiously wonderful ability, in whatever measure, that was given me.  I often work from sketches and photo references; however, I greatly enjoy plein air work and strive to do more of it. My current work is typified by landscapes, my favorite subject; I’m drawn to all landscapes, but especially to mountains, scenes of rolling hills, and urban landscapes.  I also enjoy figure drawing and I participate in a local life-drawing group to sharpen my skills.

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I make music too!

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