Thursday, November 19, 2009

Watercolor Landscape - "Defiance Road"

Defiance Road
Watercolor on Langton Prestige 140-lb rough paper
14" x 20" (36 x 51 cm)
©2009 Steve Penberthy

I finally finished the more formalized version of my previous sketch of this same scene.


Tom said...

Nice work. I love the colors!

Watercolorist said...

Nice loose painting and the shadows are great.

Linda Hammelman said...

Yes! This is fantastic!

Steve Penberthy said...

-Tom: As you know, Autumn in Missouri is all about the color, so I tried to make that come across--thanks so much for the nice comment!

-Watercolorist: (Great name; how'd you snag that one?) Thanks so much for mentioning the looseness; that's something I struggle with (don't we all?) so nice to hear it's coming across.

-Linda: Thanks for checking in and for the humbling comment!

Kelly said...

...I love the colors and the shadows reaching across the road. Just beautiful!

Krista Meister said...

Lovely shadows on the fence and love all the greens in the tree above it.

art of anatomy said...

This is so beautiful. I really like your use of color in the road and the orange hue of the tree above it - very nice!

Steve Penberthy said...

-Kelly: Thanks! With the sun lower in the sky in fall, it makes for some interesting shadows, even in the mid-afternoon.

-Krista: Thank you! I mix all my greens--glad you like them!

-artofanatomy: Thank you! Deciding on a color for the road was tough, since I wanted it to be neutral yet not be bland or muddy. The orange trees are mostly new gamboge mixed with scarlet lake.

Kirby said...

Wow nicely done. The orangish leaves in the foreground trees caught my attention, then the shadows on the road. Awesome painting Steve!


Steve Penberthy said...

Kirby: Thanks so much; glad you like it!