Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Watercolor Sketch - Defiance Road"

"Watercolor Sketch - Defiance Road"
6.7" x 9.5" (17x24 cm)
Watercolor on Strathmore Gemini 140-lb CP paper
sketchbook painting
© 2009 Steve Penberthy

Defiance Road runs runs east-west into Defiance, Missouri, which sits at the northern parts of Missouri Wine Country.  The weekend weather offered some great fall color, and I'm reaping the benefits with some good ideas for paintings.  This is a watercolor sketch for a larger painting I want to do, and I used this sketch to try out a few ideas. One idea in particular was to try a mix of vermilion hue with french ultramarine for the road, which I think worked well; I've used this mix before for some explosive granulation, so I hope to achieve that in the larger painting. I rendered white tree trunks by scraping damp paint with a credit card, but I plan to use masking fluid in the final painting.  I will definitely mask the fence... and, I'm still challenged by how to better show the sky peeking through the trees...

6B pencil in Canson Montval All-Media Sketchbook, © 2009 Steve Penberthy

I drew this preliminary pencil sketch first; I really didn't worry too much about making it a true value sketch, but I did use it to play with some value ideas, which I incorporated into the watercolor sketch above.


Tim Goss said...

Steve: A beautiful sketch and such remarkably vibrant colors. I especially like the blue shadows across the road. It was a blast to see it enlarged when clicked on.


Laure Ferlita said...

Gorgeous sketch, Steve!!

Gabrielle said...

Your painting makes me really miss Fall (woke up to a little dusting of snow on the cars again this morning) I've been to that area of Missouri and it is beautiful country.

The colors in the painting are so rich and luscious - love the shadows. And your pencil sketch is great.

Dan Kent said...

Splashy! Free! Vibrant! Love it!

Krista Meister said...

Wonderful sketch, Steve. Can't wait to see the finished painting.

Linda T said...

I love this! The colors, the tree trunks, and the shadows across the road--all wonderful!

Kirby said...

Neat to see a sketch used in the process of making a finished painting. I think it adds to the focus of it more. Helps get things a little more organized almost like making two or three paintngs of the same scene.