Thursday, September 10, 2009

Plein Air Watercolor Sketches :: Red Barn September

Watercolor and ink Plein Air Sketch, 'Red Barn September' by Steve Penberthy
"Red Barn September"
7.5" x 11" (19 x 28 cm)
Watercolor on Strathmore Gemini 140-lb CP paper
© 2009 Steve Penberthy

I did some plein air sketching while in Colorado over the weekend and created a couple of watercolor sketches/paintings of this red barn in the mountains. I've done a sketch of this same red barn before, but only from a photograph--never plein air until now. I started out by doing a couple of thumbnails in pencil, but then decided to switch to ink for the sketch, using a Pigma Micron 05 pen. I used a small Niji Waterbrush for both these paintings; I found the waterbrush a little challenging to use; it was difficult to create large washes and I feel it led to a tighter look. Nevertheless, the waterbrush is very portable, which is the primary reason I brought it instead of my full quiver of regular brushes.

Watercolor and pencil Plein Air Sketch, 'Red Barn September' by Steve PenberthyI decided to try again with another barn sketch, but this time trying to be a little more loose, just concentrating on shapes. I sketched this one in pencil, as opposed to the other one where I used ink. I'm not sure if I really reached my goal, but it was interesting painting the same subject again on a different day.

Here's a view of me sketching the barn. The day was warm and somewhat overcast in the mountains, but a nice breeze kept everything comfortable. While sketching, I heard a wild turkey gobbling every few minutes or so.

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