Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bread Winners Blog is Featuring My Paintings

Today I'm honored that the fine folks at Bread Winners Cafe in Dallas, Texas are featuring two of my paintings on their blog! When you get a chance, please go see the posting at

Several months ago, I did a couple of paintings based on some photos that I took while visiting the restaurant; seems that the Bread Winners people really liked them and asked me if they could feature them--of course I was thrilled to agree!

If you live in the Dallas area (or if not, next time you visit) you owe it to yourself to stop by one of the Bread Winners Cafe locations. The atmosphere, food, and service is outstanding. I had a delicious, excellent brunch at the Bread Winner's Uptown location in Dallas.

You can read more about Bread Winners, Uptown, and my paintings at these links:
Waiting for Brunch
Bread Winners

Again, please treat yourself and drop by Bread Winners if you get a chance!