Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back Issues of Artist's Sketchbook Magazine, 2005-2006, Available on CD

Does anyone remember "Artist's Sketchbook" magazine? My sister gave me my first copy several years ago. It was totally devoted to sketching and had tons of great information. However, it's no longer in print. But, not to worry--issues & content from 2005-2006 are now on CD for $20.

Put this one on your Christmas list.

Update 12.26.07 -- I received this CD for Christmas, and it's incredible. It's everything I thought it would be and more! I highly recommend this resource for all of you that sketch, draw, paint, scrapbook, or create illustrated journals. The image quality of this electronic version is superb, and there's a search tool that's included that does a great job of finding just what you're looking for. The CD works on both Windows and Mac (all the files are .pdf and the search tool is a .pdx application). Boost your creativity and artistic inspiration in two steps: (1) order the CD and (2) start reading the articles on your computer!


Anonymous said...

I loved that magazine! And there aren't any others quite like it. Thanks for the info. I'll have to pull mine out - I think I have all of 2005-6, but would love earlier years.

Dan said...

Thanks for this! I've just ordered my CD. I'd always been curious by the magazine, but was never lucky enough to find a physical copy for sale.
Cheers and Happy Christmas!