Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Farewell to Penny, our Beloved Friend

On a very sad note, we put Penny down on Wednesday... She has been going downhill for a while, with worsening kidney function and old age--she was 18.25 yrs old. My wife and I were, and continue to be, heartbroken about it. We sorely miss her.

I didn't realize how much our daily routines were intertwined with Penny's; now that she's gone, it's become painfully obvious how her presence was part of our daily infrastructure. For example, she always come in the bathroom and laid down as I showered just to keep me company.

She loved being around us wherever we were; in fact, she followed me around like a puppy, waiting for me to sit or lay down so she could snuggle up. She loved laying in the warm patches of sun hitting the carpet through the windows. And she loved to eat. Man did she love to eat. :)

She was arguably the best pet we've ever had. She's been a faithful friend and a comfort to us in many situations. We truly loved her. We gave her the best care possible--I don't think a kitty could be better cared for. She's had the best in food, medical care, and human attention. How does it get any better? She led a good life, and we will never forget her.