Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birds at the Feeder

I always enjoy watching the wild birds who visit our feeder.  We get a wide variety of visitors, but there are always the regulars, such as juncoes, chickadees, sparrows, purple finches, and, of course the our favorite--the colorful red cardinals.  I occasionally see various woodpeckers (such as Northern Flickers), but it's rare.  I had a short amount of time this afternoon to sit down and attempt to capture some very quick sketches of these little guys; the sketches are really just gesture drawings since the birds are in such constant movement.  They don't seem to like to strike a pose for very long...  I used a 6B Derwent pencil for the drawings and added a little watercolor here and there (mosly for color notes) using my homemade sketcher's box pictured here: Homemade Sketch Box