Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm On !

Watercolors on Newbury Street, Boston
Wow--I've been honored by the folks at! They've included this photograph that I took in Boston in June in the newly released fifth edition of the Schmap Boston Guide. You can check out the photo in context at Just hover your mouse over the "Newbury Street" section and watch the slideshow in the upper right.

This photo originally appeared on my blog as a separate posting at


tina said...

Very cool! With a credit even. How did they get your photo?

Steve Penberthy said...

Tina: The photo is on Flickr, and I tagged it with "Boston" so I'm sure they just did a tag search. They notified me that my photo was under consideration, and asked for my permission to use it.

Lisa Reed said...

Congrats, Steve! I got notified I am on the short list but haven't heard back yet. Very fun!
Nice photo and loving your blog!

Steve Penberthy said...

Lisa: That's cool! Congrats! It's quite a complement just to be considered. Be sure to leave a comment if your photo gets posted--good luck!