Monday, May 19, 2008

Watercolor Sketch - Yellowstone Meadow

Watercolor Sketch - Yellowstone MeadowWatercolor in Canson Montval All-Media sketchbook, 90-lb CP paper, 6 x 9" (15.2 x 22.8 cm). Sketched with Sanford uni-ball Micro pen.

Another sketch from a photo reference taken at Yellowstone Nat'l Park a few years ago.


Martha said...

These "beyond the grid" sketch pages are very captivating. Casual, yet somehow emphatic as well.

Steve Penberthy said...

Martha: I guess I've never thought about how I sometimes paint past the lines of the grid... Maybe that's what art's all about--coloring outside the lines? :) Thanks for your comment!

Shelly McC said...

Wonderful paijnting!