Monday, January 28, 2008

EDM Challenge #2 - Draw a Desk Lamp

EDM Challenge #2 - Draw a Desk Lamp - 1

There are a couple of lamps in my house, and I couldn't really decide which one to sketch, so I did two of them.

The lamp in the top sketch is used to illuminate larger areas; we use it as a reading lamp for the lounge chair in the bedroom. The sketch below is the lamp on the desk in the study, and at its side are two stress-ball toys, one a smiley-face and the other sort of a bean-bag style.

I've been playing with watercolor washes on these sketches of late, and I like the effect. I may try varying the color with each EDM Challenge...

Both sketches done with a Pitt Artist's Pen & Ultramarine Blue watercolor wash in my Aquabee 808 Super Deluxe sketchbook, approx. 6" x 9".

EDM Challenge #2 - Draw a Desk Lamp - 2