Saturday, August 04, 2007


Watercolor on Arches 300-lb cold-pressed paper, 11 x 15" (27.9 x 38.1 cm)

I painted this as an exercise in painting trees & foliage. Lately, I've not been satisfied with the foliage in my sketches and paintings, so I've been perusing watercolor instruction books looking for a solution; however, I haven't really settled on a particular solution that suits me, so I decided just to practice various things. The painting above was done using sponge and round-brush techniques.


Virginia said...

Looks like you're on the right path. Very convincing foliage, and nice greens. It doesn't look like a photo--it just looks real.

Steve said...


Convincing foliage has been difficult for me for some reason; I appreciate the positive feedback!


juj said...

Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about the foilage (perhaps I'm sensing your indecision), but I think the trees are simply marvelous. I love the way you absracted them without losing their definition and the play of light thru the leaves is gorgeous.

Steve said...

Thanks Juj; this is as much an exercise in negative painting as anything, and I haven't done much of that. It's good to practice different techniques though. I went to your blog--love the artwork! -- Steve

Anita said...

Wonderful for me!!!

Reggie said...

I can sense your intuitive response to the medium with your subtle blending of color. Well done.