Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Sketchbook as an Ends, Not Just a Means

Watercolor Sketch - Trees & Grasses
My all-day workshop with Joseph Stoddard at the Learning & Product Expo in Chicago was an exhilarating experience. The class was small, so we all received very personalized instruction and help with our watercolor sketching. Mr. Stoddard is impressive in his creative abilities, his humilty, and his patient teaching style. If you haven't checked out Joseph's website, you're missing a visual treat.

The all-day workshop was divided into two parts: an indoor morning session, where we received instructions and demos, and an afternoon outdoor session where we we went out on the conference center grounds and sketched/painted plein aire. You may want to see some photos from the workshop.

I created the sketch pictured above during the outdoor session. This was not my first attempt at the Stoddard style, but was my first one that got close.

You may also be interested in Joseph Stoddard's latest book, "Redlands Sketchbook."

Also, you may want to check out a sketching story by Joe Stoddard over at Moleskine US. Good stuff.


Reggie said...

Good stuff Steve. Sounds like you had a positive trip to Chicago.
Brother RL

Steve Penberthy said...

RL: Glad you like it! The Chicago trip was more than worth the time and effort to go; I got so much out of the instruction. -- Steve

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Holy Smoke. I think your paintings are terrific, even if you persist on calling them "sketches"!
I recently ordered Stoddards OP title on Pasadena, CA (my home town) and can only imagine what his workshop was like. I've bookmarked your page, and will probably add it to mine.
Must. resume. actual. painting.