Thursday, July 26, 2007

San Marco Cathedral

Watercolor on Strathmore Gemini 300-lb paper, 11" x 15" (27.9 cm x 38.1 cm).

This was the other painting we did as part of David R. Becker's "Don't Get Lost in the Details" workshop. We worked from a photo of the San Marco Cathedral in Venice, and it featured a complex scene of gondolas and crowds of people. Of course, the lesson is to simplify. The background was pretty straightforward; we did a wet-in-wet wash after first doing a detailed pencil sketch.

I had some trouble with a backrun when painting the cathedral; Becker helped me with it, showing me how to introduce more water to fix it, but the extra water left a hard edge that I wasn't satisfied with. However, I like the results overall. The "Bob's Blobs" technique was used for the crowd of people (see previous post).