Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pencil Sketch - Barn & Cornfield

Pencil Sketch - Barn & Cornfield

Derwent Graphic 4B pencil on copier paper. Approx 8.5" x 4.5" (21.6 cm x 11.4 cm). This is a prototype sketch for a commissioned painting I'll be working on soon. I added a small stripe of New Gamboge watercolor to see what the cornfield might look like in that color.


Alan said...

This will make a nice painting. The sketch is pretty good too.

gabi campanario said...

did you consider putting the barn not on the center of the composition, a bit to the left or to the right? just a thought. look forward to seeing the painting, this looks really promising!

Steve Penberthy said...

Gabi: Yes, I plan to move the barn to an intersection-of-thirds position in the actual painting. I really didn't try to put any composition to this sketch; it was just a matter of getting some ideas down on paper. Thanks for the comment! -- Steve